Desiccants, also known as a drying agent, is an adsorbent* material used to adsorb moisture, liquid and gases in the surrounding environment, hence keeping products from being damaged.

Desiccants can be found everywhere in our daily lives - from the sachets in our food products to keep them fresh and crisp, to in our shoes or bags packaging.

Stream Peak, as a major supplier of desiccants, offers an extensive range of desiccants such as Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Activated Clay, Activated Alumina, or Activated Carbon in various sizes and forms to suit all applications.

*Adsorbent: A substance that attracts other materials or particles to its surface without changing chemically or in size.

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An adsorbent* material used to absorb moisture, liquid and gases in the surrounding environment, hen..

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Humi Dri are high-quality desiccants that protect goods from damage due to moisture and ga..

Humidity Controller (for art)

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Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB)

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Pillow Paks

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Polymer (VMAP)

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Humi Dri Spool (Continuous Strip Desiccant)

High-quality desiccants that protect goods from being damaged due to moisture and gases. They come i..

Unit Pak

Usually used by government agencies, Unit Paks protect elements that reduce the lifespan of their it..