Versil-Pak is a protective packaging material that combines, high strength fabric saturated and with an adhesion wax followed by a high barrier plastic film. The waxed barrier material is strong and easy to use, with high durability.

It is especially suited for hand wrap applications in the field. It is flexible, greaseproof and waterproof. Versil-Pak is ideal for protecting underground piping in environments of high moisture and would allow it to best protect metals from potential corrosion.

It works as a total barrier against high moisture, acidity, bacterial attack or galvanic attack, which can contribute to pipeline corrosion. It conforms to nearly any industrial surface, including hard-to-reach welds and threads, straps, joints and valves.

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VCI Versil-Pak

VCI Versil-Pak

VCIVersil Pak is ideal for places with high humidity levels such as underground piping. Versil-Pa..


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