Desiccants, also known as a drying agent, is an adsorbent* material used to adsorb moisture, liquid and gases in the surrounding environment, hence keeping products from being damaged.
Protect and Transport your Electronics, Machineries, Packaging, Art pieces and Food damage-free with our extensive range of desiccants.

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An adsorbent* material used to absorb moisture, liquid and gases in the surrounding environment,..

Humi Dri Sachets

Humi Dri are high-quality desiccants that protect goods from damage due to moisture and ga..

Humidity Controller (for art)

A humidity controller is specially designed for artwork, artefacts & cultural assets, Humidity C..

Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB)

A great alternative to the usual desiccant sachets when space is limited, Moisture Adsorbing Board (..

Pillow Paks

Pillow Paks are high-quality desiccants used by healthcare, food packaging and other professionals t..

Polymer (VMAP)

Manufactured from molecular sieve (60%) and polymer (40%), this Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer..

Humi Dri Spool (Continuous Strip Desiccant)

Self-manufactured, this product is made of high-quality desiccants that protect goods from bein..

Unit Pak

Commonly used by government agencies, Unit Paks protect elements that reduce the lifespan of their i..