Maintain quality of defense and military equipment by preventing damages from impact, moisture, and corrosion.

Defence and Military equipment must be kept at optimal conditions, ready to be used in a moment’s notice. However, moisture and corrosion can quickly spoil equipment left unattended, resulting in damages and monetary loss.

Here at Stream Peak, we offer preventative solutions such as packaging designed to prevent excessive pressure or vacuum build-up, or control the moisture or temperature levels of the surrounding environment. Indicators which monitor the environment and alert you if products experience unacceptable levels of temperature, moisture, or impact are also available.

To learn more about our variety of defence & military packaging products, and which are suitable to meet your needs, speak to our experts today!


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Data loggers

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Desiccants, also known as a drying agent, is an adsorbent* material used to adsorb moisture, liquid ..


Desiccators provide protection against corrosion, moisture, and contamination. ..

Nitrogen Purging System (NEPS)

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Other Protective Packaging

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SafeNDry Desiccants

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