Common factors to consider when choosing the packaging film for your food products include:

  • Strong moisture barrier
  • Strong oxygen barrier
  • Quality of print

Often, the compositions of food packaging films include PET, ALU, Nylon, and VM, each with their own unique characteristics. At Stream Peak, the type of your food packaging films can be customised according to your requirements. 

To prolong the shelf life of your food products, Stream Peak’s O Sorb (Oxygen Absorber) is packed into individual food packaging. 


Some of our popular food packagings include:

  • Microwavable pouches with a special flap for steam to be released
  • No need for tearing a small slit at the side of the packaging, users can heat up food by placing the entire sealed food package into the microwave! 
  • Retort pouches
  • Transparent Pouches to allow visibility of the contents inside the bag 

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Food Packaging Film

Food Packaging Films prevent oxygen and moisture from spoiling flavour and quality of food. ..