SafeNDry Products are specifically designed to remove moisture content from enclosed environments, which protects your investment by preventing rust, corrosion, and odors from developing inside.

There are several advantages to using SafeNDry such as reducing the risk of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion. No open containers or liquid to spill, rechargeable for multiple use and environmentally safe and easy to use.

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SafeNDry offers protection against mold,mildew,rust and corrosion. Safes are designed to keep you..

SafeNDry Bags

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SafeNDry Food Life Extenders

SafeNDry Food Life Extender preserves food by eliminating moisture and preventing mold. There are..

SafeNDry MoldAway

SafeNDry MoldAway prevent growth of mold spores inside your home and prevent potential health proble..

SafeNDry WaderSaver

SafeNDry WaderSaver prevent mold, mildew, rust, corrosion and extend the life of your fishing gear. ..