Protect your food during shipping with these packaging solutions. 

Food packaging films are the go-to solution to ensuring the freshness of your products.

Here in Stream Peak, we offer you a variety of cost-effective and customizable packaging solutions. These packaging solutions not only protect your food from oxygen and moisture, preventing and slowing down deterioration, they are also leak-proof which ensures the composition of your products.

Additional features such as a zipper, tear notch, clear window, handles and hanging holes can be added to improve the performance of your product and make them stand out.

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Anti-Leak Food Bags

Keep your perishable food fresh with Anti-Leak Food Bag with patented sealing system and waterproof ..

Food Packaging Bags & Pouches

Food Packaging Films prevent oxygen and moisture from spoiling flavour and quality of food. Used ..

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

MAP provides controlled levels of gases transmission in and out of the bag, extending the shelf life..