Cutomizable bags that prevent corrosion and serves as protective packaging. Economical solution for proloning your metal’s shelf life.

Commonly used to prolong the lifespan of metal components, VCI Bags are popular with keeping metal parts free from corrosion and damage. Our unique formula of VCIs seek out metal surfaces and attach themselves, covering the entire surface (including hard to reach areas) with a protective layer.

Our VCI bags are customizable to fulfill all your business needs. They generally come in a clear transparent material that allows easy inspection of its contents without the need to open the bag. The bag is also moisture, tear resistant, durable and yet flexible. The material helps to prevent scratches and cushion impacts. Thus, our bags act as a corrosion inhibitor and protective packaging at the same time.

Furthermore, our special blend of VCIs is blended into the film instead of coated. The constant release of VCI compounds ensures protection for your metal parts no matter if it is long or short term.

Our VCI bags are available in heat sealable and zipper top options. It makes storing and retrieving convenient, especially during the shipping phases of the supply chain. Additionally, VCI molecules do not need to be washed off. Once the parts are taken out of the bag, the VCI compounds naturally dissipate; leaving your metals clean, dry and ready to use immediately.

Stream Peak’s VCI Bags come in a variety of sizes, able to cater to small and large parts.

  • Flat Bags
  • Gusseted Bags
  • Reclosable Bags
  • Bubble Bags (NEW!)

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VCI Bag / Pouch

VCI Bag / Pouch

Customizable bags that prevent corrosion and serves as protective packaging. Economical solutio..


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