Prevent Unnecessary Machine Downtime!
Published On:April 16, 2019 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Prevent Unnecessary Machine Downtime!

Did you know that all machinery consisting of belts, gears, bearings, drive motors, and other moving components have their own “normal” range of vibration during operating cycles?

The vibration frequency and amplitude of a machine tend to change linearly. The vibration level indicates its condition, and changes in vibration serve as a sign of decline in its operating efficiency, communicating a need for maintenance — I.E., poor balance, misalignment, or looseness. Therefore, understanding the mechanics of machines and knowing when maintenance is needed can drastically reduce the probability of faults in machines.

OpsWatchOne example would be the machinery involved in mining. Workers are deployed underground to use explosives or vibrating machines for exploration, often putting themselves at a high risk of injuries and death. Due to constant heavy rotation, these industrial machines are often subjected to extreme vibration levels when in use. With the machines running at full capacity for extended periods, they are naturally prone to experiencing faults. Therefore, mining companies must carry out frequent inspections and maintenance of their machines.

However, due to the remote environment and harsh conditions that these machines operate in, regular checks or maintenance may prove complicated. Findings from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) reported that the mining industry contributes to 8% of all fatal accidents globally. As of 2017, the number of deaths has been increasing! The common reasons for machinery accidents include machine entanglement, faulty crushers machines, and conveyor belts. Thus, the importance of regular inspection of machines should not be taken lightly.

One could use a practical method to prevent faulty equipment by utilising data loggers designed to monitor vibrations etc., in these machines. One such example would be the OpsWatch monitoring system. Have you heard of it?

The OpsWatch monitoring system is a valuable addition to any company’s vibration monitoring system. The OpsWatch can detect various anomalies in vibration patterns of machines during operation, signifying a potential fault and automatically sending signals to alert the user before any of these faults occur. The product is most applicable to equipment with rotating mechanisms. It monitors the vibrations caused by these rotating mechanisms. It is, therefore, able to identify common mechanical faults such as misalignment, lever bearing problems, mechanical looseness, gear faults, or any malfunctioning of rotating parts.

With the information provided by the OpsWatch, users will be able to extend machine life and reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs incurred by the company, thereby profiting in the long run. The machine that is expensive to replace, i.e., cooling tower and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) system, is strongly recommended to use such a device.

Application of OpsWatchOpsWatch

In general, the OpsWatch can be applied to a wide range of applications, including construction.

Tunnel Monitoring

Monitoring vibration during construction is to identify possible rockburst phenomena (small earthquakes caused by the excavation process), preventing an unnecessary accident from happening.

Building Monitoring

Monitoring the vibration of the surrounding building is significant in new construction sites. This ensures no structural damage, safety, and the comfort of the people living and working.

The OpsWatch can function in safe mode with limited electrical and thermal energy when having to be used in hazardous areas (such in the presence of fumes, dust, or other particulars). Check out more types of data loggers that we have, each with unique capabilities to cater to your different needs.