Monitor Goods with SpotBot™Cellular
Published On:February 26, 2019 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Monitor Goods with SpotBot™Cellular

You have done everything in your means to ensure that your goods are delivered in the right conditions but still inevitably face problems upon their arrival. Why? It could be due to reasons, including:

  1. Fluctuating temperatures,
  2. Mishandling during delivery, and
  3. Improper storage of goods – leaving them exposed to environmental conditions that may cause damage.

The majority of problems stem from the goods that are being delivered from one place to another. It also passed through the hands of several parties, therefore increasing the probability of mishandling. All this would potentially cause the goods to be damaged. The company would have to incur additional costs for product replacement. The workforce needed to carry out the necessary recovery actions, e.g., re-delivering the goods.

How can we reduce these unnecessary costs? Let us introduce one of our data recorders/loggers, the SpotBot™ Cellular!

SpotBot™ Cellular

Capable of providing complete shipping transparency. This data recorder/logger is a stand-alone device that you can use to track, monitor, and analsze both impact and temperature deviation that your products experience during transportation. Therefore, giving you a better insight into the various problems your goods face during delivery. With SpotBot ™ Cellular, you can easily retrieve accurate real-time information on where and when your goods had experienced impacts and temperature deviations if any. Log into SpotSee Cloud to gain an overview of the entire transportation journey.


Isn’t this great? With this, you can allow possible damaged shipments to be stopped and addressed adequately before re-delivery, reducing unnecessary costs. You will also take the necessary actions to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. However, protecting your goods doesn’t end here. Below are some protective packaging solutions that can help to prevent your products from damaging during transportation and storage:

  • Void FillersPreventing fragile items from being damaged through the use of protective packaging.
  • Load Securement To ensure workplace safety by securing cargo firmly for transportation.
  • Impact Indicators A device that visually alerts you when your goods have been dropped or mishandled during transit or storage.

Check out more types of data loggers that we have, each with unique capabilities to cater to your different transportation needs here. Do let us know if you need a simple illustration of SpotBot™ Cellular during the delivery process with real-time data.

Here is a video about the ShockWatch Cellular.