Cold Chain Solution with Ice Peak

ice gel pack

Protect your packaging and transport your goods with Ice gel packs. Stream Peak’s Ice gel packs are non-toxic, food-safe, leak-proof, and reusable. Place the Ice gel pack into the refrigerator or the freezer.

Stream Peak’s Ice gel packs come in various sizes (20g, 40g, 340g, 500g) and temperatures (0, – 5 & – 21 Degree Celsius). With the right freezing temperature and area space, Ice gel packs can be ready to use within a few hours. 

Cooler boxes will play an essential role in products required to maintain temperature ranges for a longer duration.

Ice gel packs safeguard perishables, namely raw food, blood, and medicine from contamination. Ensure safe delivery of required drugs and pharmaceuticals for patients.

Stream Peak’s Ice gel packs food-safe packs can help to relieve pain and also makes meals and drink transportation possible.

For applications that contact with skin, it is recommended to use together with a clean towel and closely monitor the duration of the treatment. 

Package your goods with Ice gel packs and ensure the protected delivery of your products.