Cold Chain Packaging Solutions and Benefits

Cold Chain Packaging Solutions and Benefits
Published On:September 20, 2021 Revised On:June 6, 2023

The ability to adapt to changes and improvements is important in today’s business context due to the constant shift of requirements from consumers. While new products are constantly being launched in the market, packaging methods evolve together too. Though there have been significant advancements in packaging solutions, one thing that will always remain would be to choose the most suitable packaging for consumers.

The advancement of packaging continues to evolve. In today’s society, consumers are more concerned about the product’s safety, thus leading companies to improve product packaging, such as having items packed with seals and locks to ensure the product’s safety.

Additionally, consumers are provided with various options and facts through a quick search on the web. Thus, most are aware of the product’s origins, how they are stored and shipped, and their expectations of the product’s quality when they receive it.

Numerous products are also temperature sensitive, meaning that specific changes in temperature during transit may be detrimental to the goods and cause damage to it. These products may include perishable things like medicine, fruits, vegetables, and other items requiring a specific temperature range while in transit to ensure freshness.

Retain the freshness and lifespan of products in transit with Cold Chain Packaging, a structure of packaging and shipping products sustaining a constant temperature from the manufacturing process to the final delivery of the products.

Benefits of Cold Chain Packaging

Cold Chain Packaging is perceived as best for highly temperature-sensitive products. Selecting the best Cold Chain Packaging partner suited for your needs and wants will make transporting temperature-sensitive products much easier.

One significant benefit of using Cold Chain Packaging is that it decreases losses and preserves product quality. Due to the product being temperature sensitive, even a minor temperature difference may reduce the quality or effectiveness of the product and may even be considered completely dangerous to consume or use. Nonetheless, perishables such as make-up may only need to preserve at a specific temperature range to ensure the freshness of the product during transit.

Hence, various levels of Cold Chain Protection are obtainable and able to meet the specific requirements of each product. This grants manufacturers the capability to modify their shipping containers to the level of care required by the product. It can swiftly balance cold chain thermal packaging costs by constantly decreasing product losses and increasing consumer satisfaction.

Cold Chain Insulated Packaging also reassures consumers that the products they receive are fresh and that the business cares about the products, which gives companies a competitive edge with added consumer confidence.

Solutions of Cold Chain Packaging

Selecting Cold Chain Solutions for temperature-sensitive items enables temperature control, making shipping and transport risk-free and simple. Appropriate solutions for certain products can help preserve and safeguard product quality while lowering potential losses. As different levels of cold chain protection suit the various needs of each product, the following are a few packaging solutions: Thermal Container LinersThermal InsulatorsIce Gel Packs, and Condensation Terminator Sheets when shipping out cold products to preserve and secure temperature.

Thermal Container Liners

Thermal Container Liners, comprising the Thermal Liner Embatuffare catered for the interior of Dry Van shipping containers to prevent freight from damages arising from differences in humidity and temperature during in transit. Thermal Liner assists by maintaining the temperature and sustaining a 10-20ºC variance between the inner and the container within the freight through insulation. Moreover, it blocks the formation of condensation within the container, dripping onto the items, possibly leading to mould and corrosion. Finally, it prevents odour and dirt, notably decreasing the costs of cleaning the inner side of the container. Thermal Liner protects not only the container itself but also the contents. Its assembly time is as little as 3 minutes, and can be used in any standard shipping container. Its cover may be used for various products ranging from perishables such as food and drinks and chemicals to clothing, vehicles, and machinery.

Thermal Insulators

Thermal Insulators consisting of BioTherm 5 and Air Liner offer a functional, practical, and worthwhile solution for reducing heat transfer between the products and the environment to sustain an ideal temperature. The insulator creates an effective barrier between the product and the container environment, allowing the product to maintain its optimal temperature for an extended period while avoiding heat or cold loss. This helps preserve the freshness and quality of perishable commodities like food, medications, and other temperature-sensitive items cool or frozen while in transportation.

Ice Gel Packs

Ice Gel Packs are airtight containers that contain refrigerant gel and are used to keep products cool while in transportation. Ice Gel Packs are eco-friendly, reusable, and safe if consumed. Manufactured in Singapore with materials from Japan, it is an authenticated ice pack that meets FDA regulations. Chemicals and perishable items, for example, must be kept in proper packaging to prevent bacteria growth and product damage. Ice Gel Packs can help keep these items cool, and fresh, and avoid wastage.

Condensation Terminator Sheet

Condensation Terminator Sheet is an absorbent sheet that traps dew-condensation droplets from the container’s ceiling. It is designed to allow water vapour to pass through while barricading water droplets. Following the CT Sheet’s attachment to the container’s inner side, ensure that it is tightly set up and fixed. When water vapour condenses in the shipping container, it rises, passes through the CT Sheet, and eventually reaches the top of the container. Immediately after the droplets have accumulated at the top, they remain on the CT Sheet, keeping products secured and free from moisture damage while in transit.


These Cold Chain Packaging solutions help retain the quality of the products and prevent them from deteriorating by preserving and protecting products while in transit to the end-users.