Stabilize your cargo with Stream Peak’s Dunnage Bags!

Stabilize and Protect Your Goods!

Do you know that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks attributed to inadequate securing of cargo? In comes a dunnage bag filled with air to ensure no space for the load to move during transportation. Dunnage bags, also known as airbags, air cushions, and inflatable bags, are fitted into the void gaps between cargos and filled with air after.

Dunnage bags improve road safety and protect cargos from sliding, falling, or tilting. After filling with air, they also have a shock-absorbing function to absorb shock during transportation. Dunnage bags usually come in paper, woven polypropylene or polypropylene paper laminated forms.

What is incredible is that it is usually recyclable, as well! Did we mention that it is also waterproof?

For those who are brand conscious and want some personalization, suppliers usually do custom dimensions and logo printing. Speaking of which, you might be wondering how we inflate the dunnage bags

This amazing tool is called the mega flow venturi inflator, which is made specially to increase dunnage bags. After placing the dunnage bags, it is essential to strap them up so that they are secured. The solution to this is to use a strapping or lashing band and tighten them using a tensioner. A tensioner is a tool used to tighten the strapping bands; simply tightening by hand is not going to do the job.

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