Safety Cutters

We can all agree that different knives are meant to be used for different situations. For example, we would use a meat carving knife or any other kitchen knife to slice meat, but would you use a pen knife to cut meat? Of course not! Can you imagine the time it will take for you even to slice it halfway through? Likewise, chances are you would find yourself using penknives to open cardboard boxes/packages compared to kitchen knives.

It is important to note that utility knives can also be referred to as box cutter knives, carpet knives, folding knives, or penknives, and the term may even be used to describe other speciality knives. Utility knives are versatile and are among the most common household items out there, being used to slice through almost any common material. For easier understanding, we will be referring to the utility knife as a penknife in this article.

Most of us are sure to have a penknife or two lying around somewhere in our homes (look around, you’ll see what I mean), and though penknives are useful, do they do an excellent job of protecting us and our goods from harm?

Safety CuttersThe typical penknife is versatile and gets the job done, but let’s be honest, it cuts you just as much as it cuts any other box. All of us have been injured or at least know someone who had been wounded by a penknife before. Not only that, due to overextending the blade, sometimes products tend to get damaged within the box during the opening process (bad news for you shopaholics out there). If you’re an avid collector of valuable collectables, you would know that opening up boxes with precision is everything and that a ruined package could result in a significant drop in the value of that product.

Penknife blades are also commonly overextended by employees working in industries that involve constant cutting and opening up of boxes. This results in hundreds of goods being damaged every year, as seen from the below photo. As you can see, though affordable and somewhat effective, this product doesn’t come without some flaws. However, what exactly is it that makes this product so dangerous, and how do our safety cutters differ from the typical penknife? Let’s take a look at the features of the Safety Cutters.

Safety Cutter

In many unfortunate situations, users would accidentally cut the pretty skirt purchased online due to overextending the blade and no more leaving sharp exposed objects out in the open, endangering yourself and your loved ones around you. Just like its name, these Safety Cutters are genuinely safer than the typical penknife and much more effective as well! If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these, we have good news! We have them for sale over at our online store, click in and choose one that best suits your needs.

If you are keen to know more about these Safety Cutters, you may find out more here. We hope this blog helped in shaping your understanding of the different types of utility knives! If safety is a concern of yours, we recommend getting a Safety Cutter! Watch this video to learn more about Safety Cutters.