life after covid

Life After COVID-19: How Companies in the Packaging Industry can prepare themselves for the changes


Concerns about economic revival are dominating headlines today after businesses around the world are struggling to restart from the post-COVID-19 shutdown. Protective packaging materials have become the need of the hour in most industries now to ensure safety and cut the pandemic chain. Here are our thoughts on how companies in the packaging industry can prepare itself for Life after COVID-19.

A shift in reusable packaging solutions

Environmental degradation due to overuse of plastics has forced many industries to reduce the use of single-use packaging materials; however, the risk of viral transmission has reshaped these considerations. The packaging industry is encouraged to move towards reusable and environmentally friendly products.

Increase in automation to combat transmission concerns

Several communities around the world are putting temporary breaks on the direct collection of deliveries and recycling activities. To combat virus transmission issues, packaging companies can play a part to invest in technologies such as automated optical sorters and robots. While automation can be expensive, it can enhance efficiency and achieve social distancing over the long term.

Reassess and rework packaging strategies

COVID-19 has brought about a massive change, and the packaging industry has to review product packaging supplies and explore a more protective delivery chain that is environmentally sustainable. Many younger consumers, as seen on social media platforms, are mounting pressures to businesses on developing an improved approach to saving the environment for future generations.