Container Desiccants

Did you know that approximately 10% of goods shipped get discarded due to container rain (also known as container sweat) every year? Imagine a container consisting of $30,000 worth of goods, that’s $3,000 worth of goods being discarded per container, which is quite a sum of money! The amount of time and labour needed to have the goods shipped again on top of that!

One of the most common causes of damaged goods, container rain, happens due to the changes in relative humidity. This causes the air in the container to condense on the ceiling, eventually dripping down, thus forming container rain. I mean, who doesn’t love the rain? It reminds us of all of the cooling weather and perfect days to sleep. But, rain in a container – damaging your goods, increasing the cost incurred? It doesn’t sound like a fantastic plan. Hence, it is always essential to take precautions. It’s still better to be safe than sorry, after all! Here are some precautions that we can take to prevent container rain from happening.


Dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture in the surrounding air, maintaining the humidity of the surroundings, thus preventing condensation. However, if you think installing a dehumidifier is too much of a hassle, give Humi Dryer Bag a try! A container desiccant that contains calcium chloride and clay removes moisture from shipping containers and adsorbs up to 80% of its weight. Keep your cargo safe and dry, just like how dehumidifier does but at a lower cost!


Non-condensation coating known as Grafotherm is a coat applied to the interiors of the cargo, which acts as insulation and retains moisture within its structure. Thus, keeping your cargo free from container rain.

Container Desiccants


Alternatively, get a thermal blanket – Embatuff. This blanket protects your cargo from humidity change and heat radiation, which are also easy to install! Not to forget, they also protect your cargo against odour and dirt!

Moisture Adsorbing Pole

Suitable for people facing space constraints, these moisture adsorbing poles are designed to fit in between the grooves of the shipping container walls. Stream Peak’s very own Humi Dryer Pole, which consists of Humi Dryer Plus or Humi Dryer, can adsorb up to 80% (Humi Dryer) or 280% (Humi Dryer+) of its weight. It is also designed to make installation more convenient by hanging these poles without using a ladder or leaving it on the container’s floor! Lastly, make the right choice for your pallet!

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets tend to absorb more moisture from the environment as they are made of freshly cut woods, increasing the moisture level in the container, resulting in higher humidity levels. Therefore, a plastic Pallet would be ideal for lowering the relative humidity level in the surrounding. Think you are facing issues with your container’s humidity level? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Here is a video about Container Desiccants.