Bubble warp benefits

5 Benefits Of Bubble Wrap Pillows

Bubble wrap pillows have been a staple in the product packaging industry – from artwork and fragile China to large and odd-shaped items, it can be used to protect just about anything. While there are plenty of protective packaging materials, none are as effective as bubble wrap pillows. Here, we list a few benefits for you:

1. Bubble Wraps Absorb Shock

Bubble wrap pillows provide excellent impact protection during transit. This includes insulating products from bumps and rough handling while in transit. In fact, when wrapped around in 2 or 3 layers, they can protect any product from even the most severe impact.

Bubble wraps are created by sealing two layers of plastic thereby trapping air in the middle of the plastic to create a cushion and a pattern of bubbles. Since the air pockets are evenly distributed, they offer maximum protection from shocks and vibrations.

2. Bubble Wrap Pillows Are Lightweight

Bubble wrap pillows have nothing but just air in them, making them one of the lightest void fillers.  The lightweight translates into lower shipping costs, especially when transporting in bulk or when shipping by weight.

3. Bubble Wrap Pillows Are Cost Effective

Unlike other protective packaging materials like foam sheets, bubble wrap pillows are inexpensive and can be reused several times. And like we earlier mentioned, they help save money during shipping because of their lightweight. When buying in bulk, you can also get deals. In fact, businesses often buy them as rolls because you can cut to your desired length rather than use them as individual bags.

4. Bubble Wrap Pillows Are Versatile

Depending on the type of product to be packed, you can choose from a wide range of bubble wraps. You can choose from large bubbles, small bubbles, anti-static bubbles, individual bags, self-adhesive bags, and more. They’re also available in bio-degradable material and ideal for the environmentally conscious packer. You can also use one as a nursery bag to cultivate delicate items. There are several out of the box ideas that make bubble wrap pillows extremely useful. For example, did you know, there’s no better to get rid of sore feet than using bubble wrap pillows inside your shoes? You can also place them between fruits to prevent them from bruising.

5. Bubble Wrap Pillows Are Eco-Friendly

Unlike in the past, a large amount of bubble wrap pillows available in the market are recyclable. You can use them without any guilt about bubble wraps ending up in landfills or soiling the earth. You can also reuse them. They’re excellent insulators, helping you keep a room warm. Besides, who doesn’t find it therapeutic to pop bubble wraps!