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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare products are designed to help people stay healthy, and must be kept in optimal conditions in accordance to food or health agencies guidelines.

As a major provider of pharmaceutical packaging, we supply a variety of products to prevent heat, oxygen and moisture from spoiling your product, avoid impact damages, as well as monitor the surrounding environment and alert you to pay special attention as necessary.

To find out more about our variety of pharmaceutical packaging products and which are suitable to meet your needs,  speak to our experts today!

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industry-desiccantsDesiccants adsorb unwanted moisture, liquids or gases from the surrounding environment, keeping your products dry and uncontaminated.

O Sorb (Oxygen Absorber)

industry-desiccants14O Sorb is a food safe, non-toxic and odourless sachet that removes surrounding oxygen, prolonging the shelf-life of food products.

Food Packaging Films

industry-desiccants15Food Packaging Films prevent oxygen, water vapour, and flavour from permeating through the film, increase the shelf-life of food products.

Ice Peak (Ice Gel Pack)

industry-desiccants16Ice Packs (also known as ice gel pack, chill pack or cool pack) are bags of refrigerant gel that keep your products cold.

Data loggers

industry-desiccants5Data loggers measure and record environmental conditions, allowing you to ensure your products have been handled or stored well.

Temperature Indicators

sw-warmmark-familyTemperature Indicators measure and record the surrounding temperature, allowing you to ensure a safe constant temperature.

Thermal Insulators

industry-desiccants9Thermal Insulators prevent heat transfer between the environment and the product inside, keeping cold things cold and hot things hot.

Tilt Indicators

tiltwatchxtr_tabbed_activated1Tilt Indicators are attached onto packages that must stay upright, and indicate if the package has been tipped.

Protective Packaging

ziplockbagslpTransport packaging protects products from damage or mishandling.

Impact indicators

impact_labels_hrImpact Indicators detect if goods have been mishandled, increasing accountability and customer confidence.

Packing Machines

Autobag 550Autobag machines automate the bagging process, making it faster and more efficient.

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