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Defence and Military

Defence and Military

Defence and Military equipment must be kept at optimal conditions, ready to be used in a moment’s notice. However, moisture and corrosion can quickly spoil equipment left unattended, resulting in damages and monetary loss.

Here at Stream Peak, we offer preventative solutions such as packaging designed to prevent excessive pressure or vacuum build up, or control the moisture or temperature levels of the surrounding environment. Indicators which monitor the environment and alert you if products experience unacceptable levels of temperature, moisture, or impact are also available.

To learn more about our variety of defence & military packaging products, and which are suitable to meet your needs, speak to our experts today!

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Pressure Relief Valves

M30 Thread Pressure Relief Valve (Polycarbonate)Pressure Relief Valves are safety devices protecting sealed containers and equipment by preventing high vacuum and pressure buildup.

Immersion Proof Breathers

Immersion Breathers_smallImmersion proof breathers prevent pressure or vacuum buildup in instruments or equipment subject to water spray or immersion.

Nitrogen Purging System

industry-desiccants22A nitrogen purge uses ultra dry nitrogen to remove moisture and create a much drier environment than standard desiccant can achieve.


industry-desiccantsDesiccants adsorb unwanted moisture, liquids or gases from the surrounding environment, keeping your products dry and uncontaminated.

Barrier Bags

industry-desiccants3Barrier Bags keep water vapour or static charge out of the bag, protecting the items inside.

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors

industry-desiccants13Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors protect metals against rusting.

Humidity Indicators

industry-desiccants4Humidity Indicators allows you to monitor humidity levels inside packaging, shipping containers, or other cases.

Data loggers

industry-desiccants5Data loggers measure and record environmental conditions, allowing you to ensure your products have been handled or stored well.

Impact Indicators

industry-desiccants6Impact Indicators detect if goods have been mishandled, increasing accountability and customer confidence.

Other Protective Packaging

ziplockbagslpTransport packaging protects products from damage or mishandling.

Packing Machines

Autobag 550Autobag machines automate the bagging process, making it faster and more efficient.

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